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You haven’t filed your tax returns and perhaps don’t know how to. Or maybe you are worried that the IRS is going to audit you or begin collection action on you. Maybe you fear that you are running out of time and an IRS officer will show up at your premises at any given moment.

Some people put off dealing with their tax debts and issues but tax problems can have an impact on you personally and on your business if not resolved.

Contact us for a free tax consultation session about tax relief with one of our expert tax professionals. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with tax debt, an IRS audit, unfiled tax returns, collections, a garnishmenttax lien, or any other IRS or state tax issue, we can help.


Reduce Your Stress With Our Tax Resolution Services

The first step to resolve your tax debt issues or get an answer to your tax question is to book a free tax consultation with one of our tax professionals. Fill out the form with your phone number and email and we will contact you to set up a meeting.

You are not the only one facing your situation right now. Our company has helped (and continues to help) many individuals and businesses negotiate the most effective way to pay tax debts, resolve them, and in some cases even completely eliminate them. We’ve helped in tax negotiation, tax resolution, debt settlement and IRS appeals. If you need help with tax preparation for personal income tax returns or business tax returns, we are happy to help.

Just as we have helped other people across the US, we can resolve your tax issue, too. There is no IRS or state tax issue that we can’t handle. Book a free tax relief consultation session with us and we will handle the rest.


What To Expect During Your Free Tax Consultation

Once you have booked a tax consultation session with us based on your availability, our specialists may ask you several tax questions to gather more information.

1. Understanding your tax debt

As part of the free tax consultation, we will seek to understand your outstanding tax debt and any payments that you have made. We need to know whether it’s a state or federal tax. Once we know your tax debt status, we can start to map out the best resolution for you.

We understand that not everybody can read and understand his or her tax debt documents properly. We may need access to your tax records information so that one of our tax professionals can go through them, do a financial analysis, and determine the best way to resolve your tax issues.

2. Assessing tax relief options

After understanding your position, we can assess if you are eligible for tax relief services. There may be an IRS tax relief program available to you, or we may be able to help you reduce your tax debts and penalties.

To help you get through this, our tax professionals may engage with the IRS on your behalf and negotiate for a tax reduction, tax credits, exclusions, or total forgiveness for tax relief. During our free tax consultation, our professionals will explain some of the tax relief options available to you.

3. Determine the best way to help you settle your tax debts

If you aren’t eligible for tax debt elimination, we can help figure out the most appropriate strategies to settle your debts during the free tax consultation with us.

In some cases, our firm can provide assistance to negotiate the best deal for you with the IRS. There are different ways to do this. It can either be an Offer in Compromise (OIC), a partial payment installment plan (PPIP), tax penalty and fee abatement, an installment plan, or helping you to get placed on currently non-collectible status (NCS).

4. Starting the tax resolution process

Once we have collected adequate information from you and determined the best course of action, we will start engaging with IRS compliance and resolve your tax issues.

Our tax professionals always try to get the best outcome for you given your tax situation using the wealth of experience they possess.


Why Trust Us To Handle Your Tax Issues

Here are several reasons why you can trust us to handle your tax issues:

1. Comprehensive knowledge of taxes and the IRS

Our team is comprised of IRS Enrolled Agents, tax attorneys, CPAs, and top negotiators who can provide up-to-date tax advice and assistance for tax resolution. We have experience working with the Internal Revenue Service and are certified as an Enrolled Agent so we can represent taxpayers before the IRS. This enables us to negotiate on your behalf while having the expertise to provide you tax help and information.

We are also recognized as an Approved Continuing Education Provider under the IRS. This means our tax professionals are recognized by the IRS as qualified to provide educational programs and teach other tax specialists. We’re experts in our domain and can answer your questions.

2. Top rated services

We have an A rating with the BBB and our clients have left positive reviews allowing us to achieve a 5-star rating on Google. There can be an incredible amount of stress and anxiety caused by tax debt. We love the satisfaction that comes with helping our clients reduce their debts and set up payment plans that they can afford.

Book a free tax consultation with us and we’ll work with you to resolve your tax problems and achieve a resolution outcome that is favorable for you. We can also assist with tax preparation services so you can file an accurate tax return and avoid problems down the line.

3. Incredible customer support

Many of our customers are happy with the support and advice we provided during the tax consultation. After getting the tax records from you, we will assess your tax position and provide the best solution for your situation. During your tax consultation, we’ll inform you of any IRS program available for you so that you can clear your debt in a way that is manageable for you. We’ll also keep you updated on the progress of any negotiation we undertake on your behalf as we are experienced with representing taxpayers to the IRS.


Resolve Your Tax Burden Today

Schedule a free, no-obligation tax relief consultation with us if you’re facing an IRS or state tax collection action or if you’re dealing with unfiled tax returns. Our tax relief experts will answer all your questions about the situation and explain how you can get through it properly.

Innovative Tax Relief’s team of tax experts includes CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents, and tax attorneys who understand the IRS and state tax entities better than anyone. Tax preparation, tax resolution, and tax negotiation are our way of life.

Call (844) 975-6722 or fill out the form below to book a free tax consultation.

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    I don’t usually write reviews but these guys were so great I just had to. I had so many tax issues and Carmine was patient, walked me through everything, and found a solution that I am very happy with. I am so thankful for their help. If you have tax issues, these are the guys to use.
    I called Innovative Tax Relief and spoke with Ozzie. I am so relieved. I was nervous at first because I owed the IRS a lot of money. They were able to help me set up a payment plan that I can comfortably afford. Thank you Ozzie and Innovative Tax Relief. I would totally recommend.
    We were struggling to deal with our IRS back tax debt but after reaching out to Innovative Tax we felt relief knowing It was taken care of. They were very professional and worked with me to help understand my situation and resolve it. I am so thankful for their great service!
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    I reached out to get some help with a tax problem and they were able to help me out. [They] helped me avoid going into a payment plan with the IRS and I saved money because of it! This company helped me out so much and helped me get my debt down.
    If you’re looking for honest help with your taxes, this company is it! They took extra time to explain all my options to me. They were perfect for what I needed.

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