Effective Tax Relief Services

Tax Relief Services

tax debt negotiation
We can help you take advantage of various tax debt reduction strategies.
tax resolution
We can represent you before the IRS and negotiate with them in your behalf.
tax debt settlement
Learn how we can help you take advantage of programs to reduce or eliminate your tax debt.
IRS Fresh Start Program
Learn about the Fresh Start Program and if you can take advantage of it.
income tax return form
Get help preparing your tax returns and take advantage of all available tax-reduction strategies.
married couple stressing over their IRS audit
Get expert help and representation for your IRS audit.

About Innovative Tax Relief

Innovative Tax Relief is a full-service tax relief and resolution firm licensed to practice in all 50 states. We handle all IRS and state tax issues regardless of your location in the United States.

You can count on our experienced team to handle your outstanding tax debt. Our tax relief specialists can also help you with other challenges such as unfiled tax returns, asset seizures, bank levies, and wage garnishments.

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Our Process

Step 1

Interactive Tax Relief simplifies the tax resolution process. First, we set up a protective status for you, review your tax records, and conduct a phone interview with the IRS.

Step 2

Next, our tax relief experts work closely with you to review your records meticulously. We conduct a financial analysis to determine the most suitable course of action.

Step 3

Finally, we negotiate with the IRS to provide the best possible resolution for your situation. We help you establish IRS compliance and resolve all your tax-related matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reduce my existing tax debts and penalties?

Yes. Innovative Tax Relief has helped countless clients reduce — and in some cases, eliminate — their tax debts and penalties. Keep in mind that each case is different. To determine how we can help you, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Can you prevent the IRS from garnishing my wages?

Yes, we can. Our tax relief experts will help you gain protected status and resolve your case with the IRS. You can learn more about this service on our Tax Resolution page.

Can you help me build a sensible payment plan?

Of course! Let our tax relief specialists review your current financial situation so we can help you build a fair and reasonable payment plan. Visit our Tax Negotiation page to learn more.

Are your tax relief strategies registered and legal?

Absolutely! Innovative Tax Relief is an IRS Enrolled Agent and an IRS Continuing Education Provider. We are licensed by the IRS to practice in all 50 states. We can also teach other tax professionals how to do the job right. All our tax relief strategies are legal.

The IRS trusts what we do, so you can, too.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, we offer free 30-minute consultations. Expect our tax experts to ask about your situation, answer all your questions, and let you know how we can help you — all at no cost or obligation. Contact us today to learn more.

Clients We Have Helped

IRS Enrolled Agent

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I don’t usually write reviews but these guys were so great I just had to. I had so many tax issues and Carmine was patient, walked me through everything, and found a solution that I am very happy with. I am so thankful for their help. If you have tax issues, these are the guys to use.
I called Innovative Tax Relief and spoke with Ozzie. I am so relieved. I was nervous at first because I owed the IRS a lot of money. They were able to help me set up a payment plan that I can comfortably afford. Thank you Ozzie and Innovative Tax Relief. I would totally recommend.
We were struggling to deal with our IRS back tax debt but after reaching out to Innovative Tax we felt relief knowing It was taken care of. They were very professional and worked with me to help understand my situation and resolve it. I am so thankful for their great service!
I worked with Ozzie, he was awesome, kept me informed of what was going on with my case, answered me right away when I called him, calmed me down when I was over-anxious. Innovative Tax Relief is a fantastic company to work with, I would recommend them to anyone needing help with a tax problem. Thank you Ozzie, you are wonderful.
I reached out to get some help with a tax problem and they were able to help me out. [They] helped me avoid going into a payment plan with the IRS and I saved money because of it! This company helped me out so much and helped me get my debt down.
If you’re looking for honest help with your taxes, this company is it! They took extra time to explain all my options to me. They were perfect for what I needed.

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