Income Tax Services for Truck Drivers

Are you a truck driver facing a huge tax debt?

Are you still figuring out how to pay for your large tax bill?

Do you avoid filing your taxes to stay off the radar of the IRS?

Do you want to learn about write-offs that reduce taxable income?

Innovative Tax Relief helps truck drivers navigate their way through tax concerns. Ask us anything — we have the answers because we help truck drivers all the time.

Discover how our truck driver tax services can help you.

Typical Tax Problems of Truck Drivers

Regardless of what career people take, filing tax returns is oftentimes scary and confusing. If you’re a truck driver and you need help with tax preparation, we can help.

Here are some common tax-related situations that drivers find themselves in:

Tax Problem 1: The Urge to Skip Filing Tax Returns

Many tax preparers aren’t familiar with how taxes work for truck drivers. They might paint a bleak or confusing outlook of how much you owe the IRS and your state when you file your taxes. They might make your tax amount seem larger than it should be.

In this scenario, you might be tempted to skip filing your tax returns.

Don’t let this be a problem by working with our IRS enrolled agents. We’ll explain the tax process well so you won’t be tempted to skip filing your returns.

Tax Problem 2: The Reality of Avoiding the IRS

Truck drivers who want to avoid paying seemingly large tax amounts might skip filing their tax returns long enough to steer clear of the IRS’s radar. But the reality is different. The longer you skip filing taxes, the more red flags you’ll be waving at the IRS.

With every passing year that you avoid filing your tax returns, you can expect the IRS to pay closer attention to you. So, we encourage timely tax preparation.

Talk to us about trucker income tax services. Our IRS enrolled agents will help you deal with the situation even if you’re dealing with unpaid back taxes.

Tax Problem 3: The Consequences of an SFR

If you’ve put off filing your tax returns for years, the IRS might send you a Substitute Filed Return (SFR). This automatically puts you at the highest tax bracket regardless of your actual income. The IRS won’t entertain your itemized or standard deductions.

So in addition to the stress of knowing you remain within the radar of the IRS, you’re now dealing with a large tax bill. Considering how truck drivers get a large gross of 1099 MISC, you have to pay the full amount of the 1099 without any tax deductions.

Our tax relief experts can help you manage the situation better.

It’s time for you to stop hiding from the IRS.

Some truck drivers try to hide from the IRS as long as they can. Other drivers rush into IRS payment plans to get rid of their debt as soon as possible — only to realize the payment plan isn’t fair. We’ve seen it both ways. And we have the right solutions.

Innovative Tax Relief is well-versed in tax preparation for truck drivers. We can eliminate your tax problems. Schedule a free consultation today.

Tax Help for Truck Drivers

Whether you’ve been avoiding the IRS for years or they recently sent you a Substitute File Return, you can count on us to help you through the situation.

No matter how sticky the situation is, Innovative Tax Relief provides effective solutions for you. Our IRS enrolled agents help you get out of your current tax mess. Our truck driver tax preparation service also makes sure you never get in a similar situation again.

Take a look at our carefully structured and highly effective process:

Step 1: Tax Investigation

Our truck driver tax help service starts with finding key information that would be useful for your reconsideration request. This includes your reported wage and income (1099 MISC), how many years you owe the IRS claims, and how many years you can remedy.

This step is similar to filing an amended tax return. Except for this time, all your expenses and deductions are properly reported to the right channels.

Step 2: Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is the biggest step toward reducing your debt. We start by preparing your income tax return for all the years you didn’t file returns with the IRS. We also fill out your amended returns or reconsiderations as a way of minimizing your burden.

Even if tax preparation is the only service you come to our tax accountants for, your truck driver tax debt will be reduced significantly.

Step 3: Tax Negotiation and Resolution

Our tax relief professionals will take the time to negotiate a suitable payment plan with the IRS on your behalf. Trust our team to negotiate an arrangement wherein you can pay back your remaining tax debt in the most favorable terms.

A successful tax resolution helps you get back on track with your taxes. It releases you from the heavy burden of your initial tax debt.

Step 4: Tax Planning

The final step of our trucker tax help is related to what you do — driving. Let us help you draw up a map to make sure you don’t fall behind on your taxes again. We can help organize your income, plan your expenses, and set up your estimated tax payments.

Our process includes understanding your requirements, evaluating your situation, and recommending a business structure that might be most beneficial for you: LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, etc. We also help you determine whether your business should be incorporated.

We’ve helped countless truck drivers resolve their tax issues. We know our stuff so you can be confident that we can help you, too.

Tax Deductions & Write-Offs: What You Should Start Keeping Track Of

According to the Tax Cuts and Job Act, truck drivers who receive their wages reported on a Form W-2 are no longer qualified for tax deductions on job-related expenses (IRS Form 2106) such as mileage and travel.

Don’t worry about it, though, if you’re classified as an independent contractor or an owner-operator. You can still claim business expenses and qualify for tax deductions from the following:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Daily meal allowance
  • Training programs
  • Union dues
  • Load expenses
  • Protective clothing
  • Tools and electronics
  • Transportation expenses
  • Vehicle cleaning supplies
  • CDL license maintenance

Let our tax relief experts share with you everything we know about tax deductions. By working with our team, you can lower your tax liability and recover some of your travel-related business expenses during the tax year.

Schedule a free tax consultation today and let’s get you headed in the right direction.

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