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Free Consultation

If you have unfiled tax returns or are facing IRS or State collection action, then a free consultation with Innovative Tax Relief is your best option for getting answers and breathing room fast. By reaching out to us you can expect to get expert advice from a compassionate representative who will gently guide you through our process and how we can help get you through the IRS or State collection process as quickly, cheaply and painlessly as possible.


Know that you are not alone. We guarantee that our experienced team of CPAs, attorneys and Enrolled Agents has undoubtedly dealt with your situation before and has a proven track record of success. We understand the IRS and State tax entities better than anyone because we work with them both every single day. Innovative Tax Relief employs only the brightest and most professional staff available for every aspect of your tax resolution process.


What We'll Go Over

Here are just some of the service offerings that Innovative Tax Relief will review with you during your consultation:

  • Help with Tax Preparation -

  • Removing Tax Liens

  • Filing Past Due Tax Returns

  • Removing Tax Levies

  • Customized Tax Planning

  • Stopping Wage Garnishment

  • Representation before IRS Auditors and Revenue Officers

  • Stopping Asset Seizures

  • Setting Up Installment Plans

  • Negotiating Offers-in-compromise

  • Setting Up Hardship Plans

  • Enforcing Statute of Limitations


Your free tax consultation will shed light on any questions you have about IRS or State taxes. Our team is standing by ready to help. If you’d like more information on how we can address your individual situation get a consultation from Innovative Tax today!

TEL: 844.975.6722